Year 1992

Year 1992

When asked if I remember watching my dad race, I can’t say I do really. I was 6 when he retired but strangely I don’t have any memories of him racing. All I remember are the years after, of him still training. Cycling was as common as walking when I was growing up. Seeing my dad in all the top kit and gadgets with me not having a clue what any of it was for.


I do however remember the day my dad gave me a pair of Assos ladies shorts and said try them on. Swiftly adding “by the way you don’t wear underwear with them”. I was so confused and just thought he was joking. It took some persuasion and a lot of convincing until finally I was wearing them the ‘correct’ way. My brother however stuck to his football shorts as he didn’t want to ever been seen in tight lycra. How things have changed, now he can’t get enough 😉


I still to this day have them shorts and they remain my favourite ^^^

So the full circle came around, with myself having a short but rewarding racing career and then being associated with Assos just like my dad was back in the year 1992 with the American team Subaru Montgomery.

image4Assos kit – Subaru Montgomery 1992


My parents xx