A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

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It was around this time last year that I had the biggest change in my life, stopping racing. It was a big change but the good thing is I haven’t had any regrets and I know for sure it was the best decision for me at that time.

For me leaving Italy was a massive relief, bigger than I imagined which goes to prove how bad my situation was out there. Once all that emotion had worn off I was left thinking ‘what next?’

I knew that if I just waited for something to come to me it would take too long and it wouldn’t be my best option as I would worry without having anything in place, so I signed up for a sports massage course. I’m very happy with that decision as it gave me another target to reach, keeping my mind busy.

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In the meantime I contacted Team WNT to ask if they needed a soigneur for 2017. After a very professional interview, on their behalf, I got the job and now had a plan. It was a massive relief to know it wasn’t going to be a wasted year finding work and I was looking forward to working on the other side of a cycling team.

I can’t thank Team WNT enough for their support and encouragement when I most needed it. All staff and riders have been a joy to work with even at the hardest points of the year. I want to say a big thank you to Graeme Herd our DS who has looked after me while learning the trade and made it fun along the way.

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I have taken on a lot of responsibilities this year that I never experienced as a rider. It has been a very important life experience that I’m very grateful for. I have worked in every aspect of the team from Soigneur to Team Manager in several TT’s driving in the convoy. The races this year have taken me to some amazing places including Norway, Denmark and the Czech Republic and I have driven around 30,000km in total. It has been very stressful at times but as a whole it has matured me to appreciate a hard working day.

My new chapter starts next Wednesday 9th September. I will be going back to studying once again, this time for art and design. I’m very excited to purse something I’m passionate about and hopefully turn it into a career.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my new art instagram account coming soon.


Here are some videos from this year of what it’s like to be part of Team WNT ….

Tour de Yorkshire & Tour Series

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